Java (8.0) Training & Certification

  • Starting in late 2011, new and improved Java certifications for SE 8 were released that emphasize more advanced skills that align better with industry standards and result in an even more valuable credential for you.
  • The Oracle Certified Associate (OCA) Java SE 8.0 now has an all-new definition and focus - with certification objectives that measure not only your day-to-day programming skills, but also your ability to manage the situations you are likely to encounter on a variety of projects. The OCA Java SE 8.0 certification requires successfully completing a single exam: 1Z0-808.
  • The Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) Java SE 8.0 is a more advanced certification than ever before. It not only builds on all of the competencies incorporated into our new OCA Java SE 8 certification, but also includes new, advanced skills required of top-performing Java programmers.
  • As a result of its new depth, the OCP Java SE 8.0 certification now requires you to hold the Associate level Java certification before you can achieve your OCP credential. Certified Java Associates can pursue the OCP certification by completing exam 1Z0-808.
  • Java is trending as the most popular language world wide


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OCJA(8.0) and OCJP(8.0)

Java SE 8.0 Programmer I and II Syllabus

Java SE 8.0 Programmer 1 ( OCJA 8.0 )

Java SE 8.0 Programmer 2 ( OCJP 8.0 )

Java Basics
Working With Java Data Types
Using Operators and Decision Constructs
Creating and Using Arrays
Using Loop Constructs
Working with Methods and Encapsulation
Working with Inheritance
Handling Exceptions

For detailed syllabus click here

Java Class Design
Advanced Class Design
Object-Oriented Design Principles
Generics and Collections
String Processing
Exceptions and Assertions
Java I/O Fundamentals
Java File I/O (NIO.2)
Building Database Applications with JDBC

For detailed syllabus click here

Course Highlights of OCAJP(8) and OCPJP(8)

    1) 20 paper based MCQ class test(topic wise)[890+ MCQs]

    2) 4 full MOCK test for Home practice.

    3) 2 Online test exactly on lines of OCAJP(8) click here and OCPJP(8) click here

    4) Each student is awarded COC# ( Certificate of Completion ).
         All certificates issued by SCTPL carry affliation logos of, and (# passing % : OCAJP:63 and OCPJP:65)

    5) Duration : 72 hrs ( 24 sessions of 3 hrs each )

    6) One week Internship with flexible timings on (Industry Based) Java Projects.

    7) Regular project updates & (must read) NEWS articles on Java.

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    9) Download lecture wise schedule Click here

Class room training center

Java @ Dadar/Borivali Java @ Thane Java @ Chembur
Weekends Fast track Weekdays
Course OCJA 8.0 + OCJP 8.0
{Includes One Week Internship}
OCJA 8.0 + OCJP 8.0
{Includes One Week Internship}
OCJA 8.0 + OCJP 8.0
{Includes One Week Internship}
Download time-table Download here
Fees breakup (in Rs.) OCJA(Core Java) : 7000/-
OCJP(Advance Java) : 7000/-
OCJA + OCJP : 13000 /-

**Includes cost of Internship and online exam on kaplan-Oracle Practice Test.

OCJA(Core Java) : 7000/-
OCJP(Advance Java) : 7000/-
OCJA + OCJP : 13000 /-

**Includes cost of Internship and online exam on kaplan-Oracle Practice Test.

OCJA(Core Java) : 7000/-
OCJP(Advance Java) : 7000/-
OCJA + OCJP : 13000 /-( *before batch start date )

**Includes cost of Internship and online exam on kaplan-Oracle Practice Test.

Download Section


Software downloads

  1. Java SE
  2. Eclipse for Java
  3. Core Java Workspace -
  4. Advanced Java Workspace -

    Revision test papers ( for Core Java ).

    OCJA practice test answers.


    Revision test papers ( for Advanced Java).

    OCJP Practice test answers.


    Internship project

    Additional Assignments in Java ( must be solved before attending Interviews )


    eNotes for Java Front End or UI Programming workshop Download

    Programs for Java Front End or UI Programming workshop Download


    Overview of a Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Download


    Java Garbage Collection Basics. Click here


    Java Security Model using Sandbox. Download


    Java File I/O NIO.2. Download


    How to use Git Hub ?


    Mind Map for Java


    Top 100 IQs on Java to crack any Interview

    Java Exercises (should be solved before Interview Calls)   

    Java Regex (Regular Expression) Quick_read_Tutorial   

    Closeable extends AutoCloseable : allows an object to be used as a resource


    Oracle Pearson Vue centres for giving Oracle certification exams Download


    How to set Breakpoints in Eclipse - Java Click Here


    The RowSet Interface - additional reading under Java database ConnectivityDownload


    Java 7/8 concurrent programs

    Download Java Database Programs

    How to run java-database programs from my PC ?Download


    All static methods of java.util.Collections class Download


    HackerRank Code Challenge Solutions By_Rocky_Sir ( to few Java & Data Structure Problems )   Download    ReadMe.txt


    Sample Resume Format Download

    (more resume formats in BrainDumps app)

Python (Core + Advanced) with upto 4 weeks of Industry Internship

Python (Core + Advanced) with upto 4 weeks of Industry Internship

Python is a general purpose programming language. Created nearly 30 years ago, it is now one of the most popular language according to the Stackoverflow rankings. Its popularity is particularly important in the data science and machine learning fields. But it is also a language easy to learn, this explains why it has become the language the most taught in universities.

What is python used for ?

  1. Web Development, using the frameworks Django, Flask, Pylons
  2. Data Science and Visualization using Numpy, Pandas and Matplotlib
  3. Machine learning with Tensorflow and Scikit-learn
  4. Desktop applications with PyQt, Gtk, wxWidgets and many more
  5. Mobile applications using Kivy or BeeWare
  6. Education: Python is a great language to learn programming!

    Course Highlights:

  •  17 sessions of 3 hrs each covering 3 major sections of generic python programming namely Core, Routine Business Task automation, Advanced.

  •  The course does not* focus on "Python for Data Science", as this makes the learner in-competent for many interviews. (*Python for Data Science is covered under "Machine Learning course" module)

  •  Each participant can do a 2 weeks of Online Internship on problem statements submitted by IT professionals working at Morgan Stanley, Accenture and NeoSoft.

Fee (only for Python) : INR 9000/-

17 days, 50 hrs, 3 hrs per session @ Dadar, Thane, Chembur and Borivali

Batch Angular-Firebase Python (Core + Advanced) Node.js-MongoDB Data Analytics Using R/Python
Duration 40 hours 50 hours 36 hours 36 hours
Timing & Dates Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here
Fees (in Rs.) 6000 /- 9000 /- 6000 /- 6000 /-
Interview dates Immediately after Completion of Respective Placement Track

Download Section

Course Download

  1. Syllabus Download

  2. Download Jupyter Notebooks and E-notes from here

Servlets & JSP

Servlets & JSP

    download detailed syllabus of Server Side Programming in Java using Servlets & JSP (Java Server Pages) Here

Course Highlights of Servlets & JSP

    In this Server Side Programming using Java certification workshop , I'll show you how to create dynamic websites using the core technologies of Java web programming. If you want to create your own interactive websites, if you know some Java and you want to take your skills to the next level, or if you want hot skills for the job marketplace, this certification workshop course is for you.

    In this Servlets & JSP course you'll learn how to:

    1. Leverage the power of Java to create dynamic websites
    2. Deploy your applications for free on the Internet
    3. Use and understand core server-side Java web technologies

    I'll show you how to take your basic Java knowledge and use it to create websites using the Java technologies (Servlets & JSPs) that everyone from self-employed web developers to huge corporations use to create modern interactive web sites.

    Who is the target audience ?

    1. Anyone who wants to create websites that interact with databases
    2. Java programmers who want to learn web programming skills
    3. Java beginners who want to learn more Java and enjoy a challenge

For Any Technical Query Whatsapp Rocky Sir (9892544177)

Class room training at Dadar Training Center

Batch No Batch
Day -
Start-Date -
End-Date -
Timing -
Fees (in Rs.) -

Download Section


    download detailed syllabus of Server Side Programming in Java using Servlets & JSP (Java Server Pages) Here


    1) All Jdbc Odbc Programs

    2) Type 4 JDBC:ODBC driver - ojdbc14.jar (copy in the Tomcat 7. x > lib folder ) Download

    3)     a)   SERVLET Api (copy in the Tomcat 7. x > lib folder) Download

             b)    Servlet programs Download

             c)    Servlets_Sample MCQs Download

    4)     a)   JSP Work-Space Download

             b)    JSP_Sample MCQs Download


    Assignments(to be completed as part of the Course work) :

    1. Change Password form using JavaScript for validation and JSP for DB
    2. Get Data Into Dropdown list from Database using JSP or Servlets
    3. Generate AlphaNumeric Id In JSP
    4. Login Logout Example using JSP or Servlets

    A. Create a Shopping cart for an E-commerce Site , allowing to

    1. View Products
    2. View Products in Cart ( or View Cart Details )
    3. Payment Gateway Interface ( No integration of Actual Payment Gateway required )
    4. Logout ( Ensure of proper Session management )

    B. Create a HR Application which would allow

    1. A Job seeker to create and upload his profile.
    2. A Prospective Employer to view profiles according to their criteria
    3. A HR consultant to post Jobs and view profiles according to their criteria
    4. Each of the above participants to Register , Login and Logout ( Ensure of proper Session management )


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